18 May

Lockdown will soon be over

We praise the Lord the Lockdown will be soon over and we can travel again. This year it will be just in the uk.
still ministering in local churches and doing Zoom meetings where possible. and start to travel further in the Uk Praise God answers prayers. We have been busy  talking and praying for people via social media and on the Telephone

18 May


Some time ago a lady testified in my meeting in Grindsted Denmark and said she forgot her house key after shutting the door she looked through the window and saw them on the table. She went and did the shopping and prayed “Lord help me.” Then on the way home she sneezed and took out her handkerchief and the keys fell on the floor. Before going in the house she looked through the window and the keys were gone. If the Lord can lift Philip to another place he can move keys.

10 May


MIRACLE BABY. We heard from a doctor in Germany a few days ago that some time ago he asked us to pray for his daughter who had many hospital tests and she was told it was impossible for her to have a child but the Lord answered prayer and she had a child. Now he asked us to pray again that she gets another child.

28 Feb

Latest News

We have been unable to travel far because of Covid virus, but we have been able to have Zoom meetings and have meetings in Local churches where possible. We also have been praying for people and had many testimonies of what God has done for People. We use social media and phone to pray for people. We are looking forward to travelling again as soon as the Lockdown is over Please remember us in your prayers at this time.

God bless from John and Gwynneth Grant

10 Oct

Still Having Meetings

Hi everyone despite the Corona virus we are still able to minister in various ways via internet ,phone, We sometimes use Zoom and also in some churches we can go to minister, Please remember us in your prayers at this time. God bless from

John and Gwynneth

26 Jun

Good Service on Zoom

We had a good service on Zoom with Friends and Family at Swallowfield. We really felt Gods Presence. We were able to Sing and Preach the Word of God. Please Pray for us at this time. The God will intervene with the Corona Virus in the UK.

23 Apr


Please pray for John and Gwynneth as we are unable to travel to Scandinavia at this time of the Corona Virus. God is still good to us we are able to keep ministering via the internet ,E-mails and Phone calls. Many have told us that after we prayed God touched them

06 Aug

Lastest Newsletter

Dear Prayer and Faith Partner,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. This has been a very year blessed by the Lord as we have travelled and seen Him confirm His word with signs, wonders and miracles.

On the way to Scandinavia we had one meeting in North Holland and the leaders were surprised at the large number that came to the service. Many told us after the service that the Lord had met their needs.

During the meetings in Denmark there was much praise and worship and people healed Pain went as we laid hands on people, some were jumping and running others lifting their arms in praise, one lady with back pain did 6 hours of gardening after she was healed.

In Norway a young man who for many years had voices in his head telling him to do strange things and even kill himself gave his life to the Lord, His life was completely changed, and we heard since that he is now normal. A man with a kind of Parkinson’s who had extreme shaking in both hands was healed. Brother John called for a glass of water to show the people he was healed, and he held the glass without shaking.

In Sweden there was great rejoicing and they would have liked us to have more meetings, but we had no time on our schedule. Next year we will try to fit in a few extra days.

In Bornholm people came to our meetings for Salvation Healing and Deliverance. The Lord met many needs and gifts of healing was in operation during some of the services. One lady with toes that were twisted one on top the other was healed. After prayer Brother John asked her to take off her shoes to show the people the toes were now normal. The two meetings in Copenhagen was well attended and plans are already in place for next year.

Since returning to England we have had meetings in Reading ,3 Mile Cross, Swallowfield, Clevedon, West Wellow, Holbury, Kenchester, Lugwardine, Charmouth and other places.

We celebrated our 44th year Wedding Anniversary on July 19th

On August 15th we travel to Netherlands for two months of Miracle Revival meetings.  All venues will be advertised on face book and people within 60 miles will be notified. Please remember us in your prayers.

Send us your prayer requests and testimonies. If you are on face book but not on our list let us know and you will see where all our meetings are and get a gospel text each day.

God Bless from

Evangelists John and Gwynneth Grant.

27 Jul

Overseas trip

Dear Friends and Partners

we will be going on a mission trip overseas again on August 14th till October 8th Please remember us in your prayers.

God bless from Evangelists John and Gwynneth Grant.