18 May

Lockdown will soon be over

We praise the Lord the Lockdown will be soon over and we can travel again. This year it will be just in the uk.
still ministering in local churches and doing Zoom meetings where possible. and start to travel further in the Uk Praise God answers prayers. We have been busy  talking and praying for people via social media and on the Telephone

18 May


Some time ago a lady testified in my meeting in Grindsted Denmark and said she forgot her house key after shutting the door she looked through the window and saw them on the table. She went and did the shopping and prayed “Lord help me.” Then on the way home she sneezed and took out her handkerchief and the keys fell on the floor. Before going in the house she looked through the window and the keys were gone. If the Lord can lift Philip to another place he can move keys.

10 May


MIRACLE BABY. We heard from a doctor in Germany a few days ago that some time ago he asked us to pray for his daughter who had many hospital tests and she was told it was impossible for her to have a child but the Lord answered prayer and she had a child. Now he asked us to pray again that she gets another child.