Here are reports from people that are touched by the power of God,

Lives that have been transformed by God through the ministry of the Family Grant.

UK 2018


Lady had Breathing problems from Holbury



Southam man arthritis hands was swelled. After prayed he could move fingers with no pain.



Reading we prayed for a lady to get a job

Swallowfield Shoulder pain left after prayer

3MX Asthmatic lady healed


APRIL Man saved in Weston Supermare

Highbridge a lady who had pain in Shoulder was healed.

Rhondda We prayed for lady with hips problems She had no pain after prayer could move freely with out pain.

Tean A lady who had knee problems ,showed she could walk with no pain after we prayed for her.

Man who had polops healed and asthma

Derby a lady who had an operationg on her Knee was also healed

Derby A Lady who had pain in her sholder before and after prayer could raise it.

Birmingham Gwynneth prayed for lady who had pain in her head neck and shoulders She emailed to say all pain has left.



Uk 2017

A pastor who came to our meeting who had pain in legs and back after prayer he jumped up and down and said he had no more pain.

many people testified to being healed.


Netherlands 2017

Groningen. We prayed for lady last year who could not dress heself or feed herself she was just sitting in a chair and staring

We prayed for her Brother John Told her husband tomorrow she will get your breakfast for you. It happened as brother John

said and this year she had a brain scan and Doctors said she is 100% normal God is good.



A lady could not lift her shoulder after we prayed for her she could lift her shoulders with no pain or problem



A man asked us to pray for him as he was seeking for a Job for over two years. We prayed for him and

after the service his mobile phone rang it was schiphol airport asking him does he want a job.



Ølgod. a man had problems with shoulder and back after prayer pain left

Blåhøj. Lady could walk with no pain after we prayed for her

Aalborg. Lady with eczema was healed no more Rash on arms

Copenhagen. 2 people gave lives to Christ.

also a man who had pain in heart was healed and said pain left when we prayed for him


Skiptvet Norway many tesitfied to being healed. Lady ran around church after being healed

UK 2016

A lady with knee problems were knocking together and her foot was turned inward but after Sister Gwynneth

prayed for her she had no more pain and her foot turn straight.


A man with lump on elbow disappeared as Brother John laid his hand upon it and prayed.

Daniel prayed for a boy who had hurt his foot.


Brother John prophesied and a lady said it was accurate in her life.



A lady who was deaf received her hearing after prayer.

A man had swelling on his back was healed. people filled with Holy Spirit in Bible School.

People gave their lives to Christ after hearing the Gospel.



A Daughter to Pastor rededicated her life back to God. people testified to being healed in Blahoj in Denmark.

Randers Denmark Lady could run after prayer also, a lady who had migrain got healed

in Norway people testified to being healed.


A man who was blind in one eye was healed after Prayer

A Man had fever and heart problems was healed after brother John Prayed for him He told us He could breath with no problems

Lady had problems with arthritis got heal no more pain.

People tesitfied to being healed of neck stiffness after we prayed for them last year


During a Service at the Opstandingskerk in Leeuwarden, there were opportunity for prayer for healing.

I had high blood-pressure and problems with my bladder. While sister Grant prayed for me,

it seemed that nothing happened. But after the service I experienced that the Lord was working and had healed me.

Den Haag Dear friends, Last night, my mother told me that her legs felt much better after you prayed for her.

She was able to walk without help! Praise the Lord!

Rotterdam a Lady said her leg was healed.

In Tiel Lady with Migraine no longer had migraine pain, another Lady with neck problems healed.

and a lady with back problem healed.

In HORST many testified to being healed after we prayed for them

In Middelburg a man had back problems told us all pain left his body,after we prayed for him.


A girl came forward for two things she had a lump on her knee, after prayer the lump disappeared, and she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

A man had pain in his ears and could not stand because of ballance problem and after we prayed for him the pain left.and he had no more problems Praise the Lord.


I went to a meeting where John and Gwyneth Grant were ministering, John spoke about faith. As the prayer line started

I got reminded about my back problems. But then I also remembered that I had people praying for my back before, and with no results,

because I didn’t have faith that my back would be healed. I asked God ”What should I do about this”? Suddenly I got reminded

about the man in Mark 9:24. Jesus said to him “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” then the man cried

out “I believe;

help thou my unbelief”. I said to the Lord “I believe; help thou mine unbelief", so you can heal me”.

And I felt as if the Lord spoke to me "walk ahead and I will give you faith that can heal you”. John prayed for me, and I felt as if my back

was falling into place, like I got a brand new back. I was sure the Lord had touched me, and I started to praise Him!


DENMARK 2013 Sister Gwynneth Spoke to a man about Salvation after the service and he ask Jesus in his life.

NORWAY 2012 I had eczema and doctors said they had no answer, we prayed for her on the Sunday morning,

Brother John said "it will come off in the shower", Wednesday she showed everyone her arms, she was completely healed.


A young man was healed in Randers Denmark, Who has been suffering from Schizophrenia for the last 9 years, He has been set free

from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, He is now in a much better condition than he ever was for the last 9 years. What a powerful testimony,

Glory to God.

A lady who had a car accident. The car was a rightoff but no injury to the Lady. Sister Gwynneth told her that God had a car nearby.

A few days later when she got home her husband said, We need to look at a car nearby. When they went it was just the car they needed.

Also it was reduced in price God answers prayer.


Amsterdam 8 people saved, Castricum 3 people saved, Denhaag Spanish church 2 people saved, In Hoorn a Lady could not bend knees

after prayer she could bend her knees. Groningen people said they were healed. We went to Hospital in Hoorn to pray for a man with sickle

cell anemia,

He had a lump on his big toe Brother Grant prayed and said by the morning, All the infection would come out of his big toe.

We had a telephone call the next day to say, It happened just as Brother Grant said it would.


We had two couples come to meetings, the one couple from Sweden the other in the Nederlands,both Couples could not have children,

doctors said it was impossible, after prayer a few months later we had reports from both couples, saying they are having a baby. God is good

A boy had nerve damage in his tooth & it turned black, After the service he testified that the tooth had turned white again & was healed.



United Kingdom

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