21 Apr

Healed in Scotland

A lady came to our meetings in Scotland and had some lumps on her face and by her temples.she had them for 52 years.
on Sunday 10th March 2019 at Life Centre, Stoneyburn, where Brother John and Sister Gwynneth Grant, placed their hands on my head. WOW, it was powerful – after prayer she said they had disappeared. she was so happy. God is good

13 Mar

Healing Testimony

Healing testimony sent to us today. Hello John and Gwynneth, It’s Ray from 3 Mile Cross Church England.In August 2018 I kicked a football hard when I was at the son in laws house in Somerset.My knee felt terribly painful I knew I had damaged it5 months later I was in Agony and sometimes used a walking stick. in November 2018.John, you prayed for me with a Bible and the pain just disappeared.3 weeks later apart from the odd little twinge, all the pain had gone.I visited the doctor again (who goes to a C of E church)and told him of this miracle. He said, I have your MRI results just come through.This shows two damaged ligaments, damage to cartilage and a cyst..If you hadn’t told me you’re good news I was going to book you in for an operation !! God is good

10 Nov

Polyps Gone

After the dedication of our grand daughter in Southampton on October 28th 2018 we were asked to pray for the happy Hot Dog Man. Here is his testimony sent to us yesterday:

Praise God, just been to Winchester hospital, ENT …Consultant could not find anything wrong, polyp’s gone without an operation, no cause for concern, DISCHARGED thank you for Praying for me.

04 Oct

New Testimony

We had a good meeting in Spijkenisse Netherlands on October 3rd 2018 This man Testified that he had pain in his ankles and after we prayed for him He could move and run with no pain. God is Faithful

29 Jul

Another Testimony

ANOHER Testimony that came to us today from 3 Mile Cross Church
John prayed for my hand that was sore and itchy – probably a touch of psoriasis. Within a week it had disappeared – thank the Lord and thank you for the faith of the Grants.from Raymond

24 Jul


This lady had a big lump on her heel when she came to church last Sunday July 22nd 2018 in Sidmouth after we prayed the prayer of faith it disapeared. The Lord is a miracle worker

13 Jul


During the evening of Friday 16th March 2018 I began to feel extremely unwell.  There were pains in my head and above my eyes just beneath my eyebrows, with white ‘floaters’ across my vision.

It felt as though my head was about to explode.
I was told that I needed a more detailed examination of the retina of each eye, The test revealed two new haemorrhages, one on the retina of each eye-along with a third in my left eye which was known about already and had been there for 10 years plus.
I was then referred to the ophthalmologist and received an appointment for 18th April.

Meanwhile on March 25th 2018 John and Gwynneth Grant visited
Three Mile Cross Church in Reading where I am a member.
At the service I went forward for prayer for my eyes and John and Gwynneth Prayed the prayer of faith. I then had just over 3 weeks to wait for the appointment with the opthalmologist.
I believed that the Lord had healed my eyes on the 25th March and held on to this in faith. The opthalmology examination revealed that not only were the two recent haemorrhages no longer there,
but neither was the one which had been there for 10 years plus! Hallelujah! Praise God.  Jane 

10 Jul


We had an amazing time in this morning’s meeting as we were joined by John and Gwynneth Grant, plus friends from Bristol and Weston-super-Mare. and the Spirit was moving – one lady received healing even during the worship time before any other ministry had started.HALLELUJAH!!! Our Lord Jesus is so kind and loving.
Then John and Gwynneth began to minister through song and the word of God, before praying for the sick. A wonderful message on Jesus the Lamb of God and then the Lord confirmed His word through healing the sick. We will post as many testimonies as we can, but at least one knee was healed (“something moved” as John laid hands on it and all the pain has completely gone.
We give Jesus all the praise, all the glory. Bless His holy name

03 Jul


Jane from Reading had a lot of pain in her neck and had a problem to turn her neck. After we prayed the prayer of FAITH about 2weeks ago she said she was healed and moved her neck freely without pain.

Jesus is the healer.