John Robert Grant

John was born on 20th January 1940 in West Middlesex Hospital England, not long after he got pneumonia, Then had double pneumonia.The doctors told his mother that he would die. She prayed and trusted God to heal him.



John got saved at a Billy Graham Crusade in Harringay London in 1954 He felt a calling from the Lord to preach the gospel.


He was baptised in the Holy Spirit (Acts 19 v 2 to 7)

A few months later got baptised in water.

He started preaching the following year.


John found it was too difficult to work and travel at the same time in the British Isles, so he started in full time Evangelism at the age of 18, and has been in full time ministry ever since.


John met his wife while he was travelling ministering in England He married his wife Gwynneth on 19th July 1975 who travels with him,

After 10 years of marriage they had twin boys Johnmark and Daniel James.

United Kingdom

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