The Family Grant


John Founded International Miracle Revival Fellowship when he started in full time ministry.


He married his wife Gwynneth in 1975 and she traveled with him from the day they married.

after giving birth to Twin sons Johnmark and Daniel in 1985 they travelled with them from 3 days old.

then later when Johnmark got married in November 2014 to Antonia. Daniel got married to Jeanine in March 2017


The family Grant have been ministering on TV across Europe and around the World.

also on Radio Stations in different countries.

Radio Een Hoorn (NL), Radio Station in Aalborg (DK), UCB Radio

(UK and DK) GospelRaph Cardiff South Wales


Countries visited with the Gospel


Antigua, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Bornholm, Canada

Crete, Denmark, England, France, East Germany, West Germany

Greece, Italy, Isle of man, Kenya, Nevis, Netherlands

Norway, Scotland, Spain, St. Kitts, Sweden

Tanzania, Wales, Yugoslavia



United Kingdom

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