Daniel James Grant


Daniel was born on 20th March 1985.

he has a twin brother named Johnmark

At the dedication of Daniel & his twin brother Johnmark. Pastor Hadley from Birmingham spoke over them and proclaimed that they would grow up to serve God at a young age and be in ministry in word and music.


He came to know the Lord at the age of 3 at his bedside.

He was water baptised April 27th 1997, and was filled with the Holy Spirit in Norway in 2001



He started to play the piano at the age of 8. and plays annointed miracle music in all of our crusades. He has also written a number of songs.



Daniel loves working with youth and having open-air services with others and giving out gospel literature. He also Preaches in different church services. He travels with his parents to many Countries.


In October 2006 he was told he had a brain tumour which was removed in December 2006. He then had another one in 2010

after 4 operations God brought him through Daniel is fully Recovered,

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On March 3rd 2017 Daniel got married to Jeanine. They had a baby girl on Dec 22nd 2017

United Kingdom

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